In conversation with Sally Beaton, founder of Women with Sparkle, an online clinic for women who need help with their hormones, health and happiness.

In this episode, Davinia and Sally discuss:

Why financial wellbeing and other aspects of our holistic wellness are inextricably linked;

How women can inherit limiting beliefs about their entitlement to rest and pleasure from their mothers and what we can do now to avoid a life of martyrdom; and

How to tap into our ‘inner firefly’ and life light-filled, abundant lives.

Sally Beaton is a women’s holistic nutritionist, coach, author of ‘Get Your Sparkle Back’ and Sally coaches women all over the world so they can reach their full potential and believes that every woman deserves to live with vitality, confidence, passion and purpose. She has a special interest in teaching women how to understand and work with their health and hormones so they can truly thrive in business and in life.

To find out more about Sally’s work visit:

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