We empower women to achieve their financial
goals and prepare for a rainy day.

Become a Rainmaker
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Inspired by women. For women.

Women blaze a trail in whichever field we choose to pursue. Except one: mastery of our finances. For many of us, putting the building blocks in place to secure our financial futures remains a dark art, one that we approach with caution. But it doesn’t need to be this way.

Find out how we could help you achieve your financial and, ultimately, your life goals, through our comprehensive service.

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Inclusion through exclusivity.

rainchq is on a mission to promote financial inclusion for women through exclusivity — after all, you wouldn’t expect a generalist to understand your specialist needs.

The numbers speak for themselves: despite outliving men we typically save up to three times less for later life.  It’s time to change the narrative.

But this is not an issue you should have to deal with alone. We'll be introducing rainchq customers to a qualified financial adviser at one of the UK’s leading wealth management companies who will deliver intelligent financial planning solutions uniquely for you – cutting through the complexity, taking away the administrative burden and giving you back control.

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Meet our founder.

rainchq is the brainchild of our CEO & founder, Davinia Tomlinson, who over the course of her career in the investment management industry asked herself one big question: why don’t more women invest? This sparked a journey of discovery through which the concept for rainchq was conceived.

Our brand new executive monthly membership is designed exclusively to help women realise their true financial potential, achieve financial resilience and build sustainable, long-term wealth. Join us!

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