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Q: Hi Dav, I’m starting to realise that mindset is key to getting my finances under control and living the life I want. What are the main things to be aware of here?

A: It’s one of the most-used buzzwords out there – for good reason! Mindset really is the secret ingredient to achieving your goals, whether they’re specifically related to money management or they range further and wider. The key to your success, is making sure you move towards an abundance mindset – don’t get stuck in downward spiral of scarcity.

Abundance is for the visionaries

People who adopt an abundance mindset see their lives, and the world around them, as filled with limitless opportunities, experiences and resources – for everyone. There’s no bitterness or shadiness, because there’s enough for everyone to have their piece of the pie. Strong belief in the fact that they’re always able to learn, adapt and improve helps these people stay proactive and effective in reaching and surpassing their life goals.

Scarcity mindsets makes us our own worst enemies

A “lack” mentality is a drain on you, your power, your aspirations. If you believe there are only limited opportunities that you have to fight for tooth and nail against your fellow peers (women, especially), you’ll likely become defensive and anti-change.

Ditching this scarcity mindset is the ultimate favour you can do yourself and others around you: it primes us all to lift each other as we grow, develop and succeed.

If you’re looking for  further inspiration on money mindset, then check out the fabulous Sarah Akwisombe’s best-selling debut book The Money is Coming.

Good luck!

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