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Did you hear?

If you didn’t already know, then I’m excited to share that my brand new book “Cash Is Queen” is available now for pre-order, designed exclusively for the teenage and pre-teen girls in your life.

Please join me in a collective giddy scream!

OG Rainmakers will know that this has been a long old journey, with many a twist and turn. That’s a topic for a future newsletter. Expect all the tea, as ever, then.

But today I want to talk about the inspiration for the book. And two events I was privileged to participate in last month are the perfect place to start.

The first was a panel discussion as part of Vestpod’s brilliant first money festival for women followed by a quick sprint across London to the absolutely electric Festival of the Girl in the afternoon.

Two events, two seemingly distinct age groups, two completely different priorities when it comes to money you’d think. Well here’s what they had in common:

  1. Their sheer energy, enthusiasm and optimism when it comes to the discussion of money.
  2. Their commitment to learning and plugging any gaps in their existing knowledge.
  3. The phenomenal level of engagement (even in the 8-11 year olds!). You know all those “studies” (who do they ask when they do this research by the way?!) in which women are apparently *checks notes* disengaged, lacking in confidence, apathetic or afraid to talk money? Well if the mood on Sunday was anything to go by I think we can safely ignore them.

This is why the Rainmaker community exists. Not as an act of defiance against “the men that run the financial services industry”. This is about us.

Our ambitions.

Our goals.

Our money.

Working together to overcome the financial inequalities that could cripple us but that we are joining forces to doing something about.

Because that’s one thing about the rainmakers: we don’t wait to be invited. We create our own conversations, build our own communities and set our own course.

And now it’s time to hold the hands of the little ladies among us. Those who are watching us and taking notes (good ones judging by the girls I met at Festival of the Girl).

The girls who are smarter, savvier and bolder than ever before and whose Rainmaker spirit needs to be cultivated early.

Cash is Queen is for them. And it is for you, too. (several of you have already told me you’re getting a copy for yourselves too and I’m totally here for it!)

Please buy it for your daughters, god daughters, grand-daughters, nieces, friends and yourselves. It is a beginners guide to managing your money covering absolutely everything from money mindset, to budgeting, to investing to pensions. And it is absolutely beautifully illustrated too (Andrea definitely understood the assignment!).

 I am determined to make sure that no young woman leaves home without knowing her way around her money. It’s the first vital step to transforming the financial fortitude of a generation.

No rainmaker left behind.

Are you in?

Love Dav x

Cash is Queen is available for pre-order now, written exclusively for pre-teen and teenage girls. Out on 5 January. All pre-orders will receive an EXCLUSIVE gift bundle of custom stickers, badges and a signed bookplate from the author. (me!) All you have to do is email your book receipt & postal address to Available in UK, US and CANADA only. Buy it here!