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Let's make it rain

A collection of recent musings from the rainchq team.

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The contagion effect of negative thinking January 28, 2019 ,Davinia Tomlinson

Do you ever feel sometimes like you’re under siege from a barrage of bad news? Last week was Blue Monday, apparently ...

Have we become hooked on burnout porn? December 03, 2018 ,Davinia Tomlinson

I’ve no idea whether or not this phrase is a thing, but it sprung to mind last week when I saw in the news that Elon ...

Women hold up half the sky? November 13, 2018 ,Davinia Tomlinson

Saturday 10 November this year was a significant date on the calendar of all working women in the UK. Not because we ...

Why we're not having a launch party November 05, 2018 ,Davinia Tomlinson

When people think of launches they think of cocktail parties, glossy magazine features, branded cupcakes and a million ...