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Ever heard the phrase sometimes the student can become the teacher?

Because as much as rainchq and The Rainmakers Academy is about me sharing my own experience and expertise to help women optimise their financial well-being, it’s also so much more. Over the years, as our community has grown, we’ve had the opportunity to come across more and more incredible women from all walks of life and backgrounds, each of whom have brought so much to the table.

And in doing so, we have also created multiple amazing opportunities for mutual exchanges of all of the incredible expertise that exist amongst us.

So, in the true rainmaker spirit of sharing all we know, here are some of the most powerful lessons we’ve picked up from our community:

  1. ‘Know your worth’ is more than just a catchy slogan. We mentioned this a few weeks ago but the price we set for ourselves is about much more than just hard numbers. It’s about our personal brand, and the value we are putting on our time, energy, experience and knowledge. We owe it to ourselves to make sure that we think strategically about how we’re positioning ourselves through poor pricing and what that means for how we are perceived by the people we want to hire us. whether we are business owners or not.
  2. Never underestimate the power of community. Experience has probably already taught you that collectively we are often able to scale hurdles that seem insurmountable individually. Whether that’s starting our investment journey or applying for that job we’re worried we’re not quite qualified for, having a powerful community behind you can give you that all important push. And with a community of women, regularly raining wins, we’ve got the receipts to back this one up!
  3. Tapping into the art of the possible. For some of us, the heavy load we carry every day can mean that our ability to unleash our imaginations to dream big is vastly diminished. Under these conditions, even basic problem solving can be a struggle.  Yet for the Rainmakers who show up, week after week, slowly they for themselves some of the benefits have been magical. We even had a really powerful story of a rainmaker who by listening to fellow rainmakers, realised that she had all the tool and ingredients she needed to move forward confidently with her life, and felt empowered to leave a toxic relationship. Whilst we’d never push anyone to quit a job or end a relationship, or make any huge life changes, it’s not uncommon to find ourselves stuck in difficult or unhappy professional or personal situations due to our concerns about our finances. However if we are empowered to think differently about our finances and put ourselves in the driving seat, just imagine how things could change…..

  4. Sometimes inclusion comes from exclusivity. Specifically: financial inclusion. This one takes me back to the early days of rainchq when there was criticism about whether there would be any demand for a female-focused finance solution. Needless to say, five years on, the impact we’ve made on women’s finances is unequivocal. Women face unique issues and challenges when it comes to our finances. Having women-only spaces within which to do this rather than sticking to a one size fits all approach can make a huge difference. And judging from the response of the Rainmakers themselves, this is a principle we’re sticking with.
  5. Showing up – even when you don’t feel like it. We all have those days when we really do feel ready to pack it all in. However knowing the impact that rainchq has and how we are reaching people all over the world, constantly galvanises me to keep going, and encourage rainmakers to do the same.
  6. A shared global experience. Take a look at some of the main financial challenges facing women in the US – gender pay gaps, family/caring commitments and expectations and glass ceilings. Now research women in the UK, or India, or various other parts of the world and you’ll see that we are all facing very similar battles. When we stay within our own echo chambers, it can be easy to feel  like we’re the only ones who are struggling. However, the power of the rainmaker community reminds us that we are facing similar issues and can push for solutions together.
  7. It’s ok to be honest with ourselves and admit when things aren’t working. Sometimes the path that we’ve been conditioned to take isn’t necessarily what we want, or even what is best for us. Over months of doing the academy, our rainmakers have the chance to learn about living life in their own terms. This means being clear about what we truly want for ourselves, what we need to do it, and what we need to admit isn’t working for us.