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Why we're not having a launch party

When people think of launches they think of cocktail parties, glossy magazine features, branded cupcakes and a million balloons.

Here at rainchq our launch day looks a little different – yes, there will be dancing (a happy dance in my pjs in the living room) and yes, it’s likely that there will be cakes (though these will be mini Lola’s cupcakes after dinner with mini rainmakers 1 and 2), and of course there will be music – when isn’t there at rainchq HQ?

But we want to start things off on the right foot – our priority is to build and scale a business beloved by all it is designed to serve. One that listens, learns and responds to feedback on how to improve. A business that knows for sure it isn’t a fait accomplit on day one. But that has the potential to become something special. At rainchq one thing you can be assured of is that everything we do is done with heart. We are dedicated to offering a service that our customers truly value and where they don’t we are committed to putting in the work necessary until they do.

This doesn’t mean we don’t celebrate success – I’m a huge believer in celebrating the micro-successes as well as the big ones, it’s the only way to stay afloat on this journey. But given we’re in the business of helping women take control of their financial futures, our launch day activities will involve you: we’ll be talking to you live on social media, so you get to ask any questions you may have about the service and hear from me personally on my vision for the brand. (If you’re following the rainchq page on Instagram and Facebook, we’ll be going live at 8pm, the time that the majority of you selected when we ran our poll last week.)

So no, there won’t be a launch party. At least not today. But maybe in January. After all, everybody could use a pick me up then. We’ll keep you posted. 

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